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Beers of Tanzania

(Tshs : USD – 1600 : 1)

Despite a host of power problems during our stay, Tanzania has delivered on ice cold tasty beer. Not a huge selection of beers but they are award winning with a number of local beers being internationally recognized. No awards for originality of names however with the respective beer marketing teams seemingly taking a look at what’s around Tanzania and naming as that see it.

Kilimanjaro Premium Lager: Refreshes a Tanzanian taste

Touted as the best beer in Tanzania by a sports bar barman in Arusha, I was expecting something good and something good I got. A smooth full flavoured beer with a great aftertaste. Served ice cold in 35 degree heat, it went down very smoothly.

Safari Lager: Tanzania’s most rewarding beer

With a host of awards behind it Safari Lager has quite a fruity taste. I think it may be the cornstarch which gives it this flavour. Not overly popular with the tour group, but still managed to find some takers including myself. Whether it’s Tanzania’s most rewarding beer is up for debate but still worth a drink.

Price: 2500 Tshs (500 ml)


In what seems unchanged from the 80’s the label and blurb on the Serengeti bottle are a standout. A real conversation starter on our afternoon camp beers. A strong flavoured beer which has somehow won Monde selection awards in 06. 07 & 08, Serengeti is an ok beer.

Price: 2500 Tshs (500 ml)


A premium beer with a premium taste. Ndovu was a hands down favourite amongst our group. A fantastic beer worthy of the title of Tanzania’s best beer.

Price: 2500 Tshs (350ml)


As elusive to me as it’s namesake is to climbers failing to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. Despite 10 days in Tanzania and advertisements across the country I saw Uhuru in only one lone grocery store in Arusha and didn’t buy it thinking it would be readily available in bars. Unfortunately not, so I welcome comments as to the taste of Uhuru.