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Chibuku Shake Shake

Purchased from a local bar with the help of a shop keeper in Livingstone, Shake Shake admittedly instilled a little excitement and a little fear into my mind having read and heard stories about it.

Walking down the main street of Livingstone carrying the cardboard ‘milk carton’ garnered laughter ranging from the supportive to hysterical. I gathered that the Zambians were quietly proud that someone would make the effort to find and try a local drop but also highly amused at this crazy white man and the fact that he actually made the effort to personally seek it out knowing the inevitable results.

Seeing that myself and the other guys in our tour had never tried Shake Shake before I thought that it would be best to get everyone involved and sit down and have a Shake Shake tasting session.

The carton itself is a fairly plain affair with scrolling blue writing across the front and the usual ingredients and health warnings along with a keep Zambia clean logo on the sides.

As you shake the carton you can hear the ‘mix’ moving around giving it a heavy feel. As you open it the first thing you notice is the smell. It is something like sour milk but not quite as pungent but with a definite underlying beer smell with the colour an enticing dishwater brown.

Our tasting session went well with a mix of results. Most tasters didn’t take it too well with some really not liking it all. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste and one that I probably won’t try to seek out as we make our way through Southern Africa but it was still worth the effort.  Stay tuned for the video of the tasting later in the year!

(Price 3000 ZK 1.5L carton)