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Beers of Zambia

(Zambian Kwacha : USD – 4800 : 1)

It seems that the further south you head in Africa the greater the stranglehold on the market the big brewers have. As soon as you cross the border the signs for Castle, Windhoek, Heinekin and Miller of all things start to catch your eye. Unfortunately there was only one type of local beer to try with a normal and export version. On the upside I did manage to get hold of a very local drop called Chibuku Shake Shake.

Mosi Lager:

The only local brew I could find and thankfully it was a good one. A refreshing beer with a nice after taste, Mosi is a solid all round drinking beer especially good when served ice cold.

(Price: 8000 ZK (350ml)

Mosi Gold Export:

Not a personal favourite but liked by Kelly. Mosi export has a fuller flavour than regular Mosi but is still just as refreshing and a good after taste. Not worth the extra money in my book but still worth a look.

(Price: 10000 ZK (350ml)

Chibuku Shake Shake:

Chibuku Shake Shake is a maize based drink that comes in a cardboard carton not disimiliar to a milk carton.

A local drink, Shake Shake is extremely cheap and cam be bought from local bars.

Possibly not to everybody’s liking it has a sour milk sort of taste and has a thick consistency similar to watery porridge.

The Chibuku Shake Shake experience was worthy of it’s own blog – check it out.

(Price: 3000 ZK (1.5L Carton)