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New Years Eve is always one of those hyped up kind of nights that never really lives up to expectations. Spending Christmas in Brisbane meant that we could catch up with some friends from London for New Years Eve in Sydney.

I think most people know, Australia is expensive. Very expensive. When deciding what to do that night we were looking at $400-800pp for a boat on the harbour, even the zoo was a couple of hundred dollars for byo food and buy drinks there. In the end we all decided on the Opera Bar’s Beach party. Set right under Sydney’s Opera house and over looking the harbour bridge you couldn’t get a better view.

I didn’t expect much more than the view for our $300. But I was happily surprised. I knew there were suppose to be some canapés but I half expected a small table shoved in a corner. Instead there was wait staff with trays of mini beach themed snacks, such as mini pies, tiny burgers, mini fish and chips, pizza slices, and even tiny ice creams. There was tons of food and by the end of the night we were turning it away. Plus there was entertainment, guys on stilts, people in aquaman costumes, a giant wave you could pretend to surf, and a beach photo booth including prints of your photos.
Even the drinks were pretty regularly priced for Sydney (read expensive but not total ripoff).

The view of the two sets of fireworks was pretty amazing, and we ended the night with 100’s of clear beach balls being thrown about the crowd and everyone dancing up a storm. As per usual 2012 started with a massive hangover and in Sydney fashion an afternoon at Manly beach (along with the rest of north Sydney!).