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I wouldn’t call it a bucket list, that’s pretty morbid really, its more of a sign up sheet for activities that will hopefully help me learn about Canadians and Canada, well mostly Toronto.

Somewhere along our travels Kelly and I were chatting about Canada and all things Canadian and all of the activities that we could do when we got to Toronto. This mostly idle beach time chat morphed into a list of sorts and then finally developed into an idea of creating a list of activities where we could then get Kelly’s friends to ‘sign up’ for an activity and be a sponsor. It had the added benefit of being a great way to take on a ‘Canadian’ activity and do it with fellow Canadians (in Kelly’s case) and Kelly’s friends at that.

So that’s how it started. A Canadian to do list. We debuted the list at a welcome to Canada party a few days after arriving and it seemed to go down well and there was an air of enthusiasm about the whole idea with almost all items on the list being taken up, and like school sports sign-up days those unlucky enough to be away on the day of sign-up get allocated to something that no one else likes. We’ve since allocated those ‘unwanted’ activities to people according to relevant experience – unlucky to the person responsible for showing us around Montreal.
On the night a few items were added to the list to give it a good cross section of Canadianisms from sports events – Jay’s games, Golf, Soccer – to eating and drinking – Poutine, Grilled Cheeses and beer – to hanging in everybody’s local hood, to prime events such as Canada Day & Halloween parties.

There are some exciting times ahead and i’ll be updating the blog with relevant goings on from the list, so be sure to keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to.