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The time has finally come for us to arrive in Canada and start what is no doubt going to be an exciting chapter in our lives. Our arrival here in Toronto has been a long time coming – via an 8 month diversion – but it’s a move that we (and a number of Kelly’s close friends) have been eagerly awaiting. Although I will admit that if it wasn’t for a visa and a couple of very important weddings to attend then we might have revisited our budget and kept on traveling.

So begins our time in this the largest of Canadian cities. For one of us it’s a homecoming, for the other it’s another move to a place I know very little about. At least this time I know what I’m in for (not weather wise) in terms of knowing nothing.

In some ways I’m sure it will be frustrating not knowing a thing about the city but then again that’s what is going to make it so exciting. Learning a new city, it’s transport systems, it’s funky and up and coming neighborhoods, where to find cheap eats and cool bars, discovering a new local, all of those little things which you can sometimes take for granted when you’ve live in one place for a while.

Then there is the move away from family and friends to think about.

But despite all of this I’m excited knowing that there is a group of new people to get to know and spend time with, a new culture to discover and a whole new way of life to experience. And although this move is for very different reasons than my move to London, I’m sure this will be just as thought provoking, exciting and memorable.